Dominica Passport Ranking: Overview

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Dominica is a small island nation in the Caribbean that is known for its beautiful beaches, lush green forests and vibrant culture. However, Dominica is also known for something else – its passport. The Dominica passport is ranked very highly in the world, which means that it allows its holders to travel to a large number of countries without needing to apply for a visa. In this article, we will explore the ranking of the Dominica passport and what it means for its citizens.

The Dominica Passport Ranking

Details of Dominica passport ranking. The Henley Passport Index is a well-known ranking of the world’s passports. This index grades the strength of passports by how many countries their holders can access without prior visa approval. The 2021 Henley Passport Index has ranked the Dominica passport as the 38th strongest passport in the world, making it one of the most powerful passports in the Caribbean.

The Dominica passport holders can travel visa-free to 140 countries, which is more than what the passport holders of several large and powerful countries can travel to without a visa. For instance, the US passport holders can travel visa-free to only 116 countries, while the UK passport holders can travel to 185 countries.

Benefits of a Dominica Passport

One key advantage of a Dominica passport is that it gives its holders visa-free access to a large number of countries, making it one of the most powerful passports in the Caribbean. It also offers a high level of security and stability to its holders, which is essential for those who are looking to invest their money or start a business.

The Dominica passport is also unique in that it is the only citizenship by investment (CBI) program that offers full visa-free access to China. This is a significant benefit for those looking to do business in China or travel there frequently. Moreover, it allows the citizens of Dominica to access China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which is one of the largest infrastructure and development projects in the world.


The Dominica passport ranking is an essential factor to consider for people who are looking to invest their money or start a business in the Caribbean. With its excellent visa-free access, stable economy, and unique benefits, the Dominica passport is a valuable asset for its holders. If you are looking to expand your horizons, grow your business, or just travel the world hassle-free, the Dominica passport is worth considering.

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